Settling into Life

I’ve been a bad writer.

More accurately, I haven’t been much of a writer at all.

Here I have these enormous goals and life gets in the way. Have I mentioned yet that I’m a teacher and that spring is testing season? Or that my brother, best friend, and I all had weddings this year (in 3 different states)? We’re going to take a honeymoon to Europe, which will be fantastic, but it requires a ton of planning. On top of these additional time-consuming travels, I’m changing jobs for next school year, and I need additional training for the position that I want. It’s been a struggle to do the laundry, let alone find time to work on my novels.

But there’s something that I’ve always discovered about busy and/or difficult times: they motivate me to get back on track.

When I’m not writing, I feel as if a part of me is missing. It centers me and balances my life.

It creates empathy within me. I draw inspiration from the conflict inside of me, because it allows me to relate to my characters even more.

When I am so forcefully engaged in reality, I feel the pull of my imagination even more.

Summer is only three days away. Let’s dive back in!

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