Publishing Timeline- Novel 1, 2016

The time is now.

These next few months are going to be the final push to finish, edit, and publish my first novel.

Whatever readers I may have, you need to hold me accountable to make sure I stay on track to fulfilling my goals!

Here is my plan.

I am going to select a COVER ARTIST by July 22nd.

I am going to finish my FINAL REVISIONS by August 27th.

I am going to select a COPY EDITOR by September 3rd.

My hope is that if the editor gets the book back to me sometime in October so that I can PUBLISH on Kindle by October 31st.

This will ensure that I’m done with this first novel so that I can participate in my first NaNoWriMo in November!

Remember, these are just goals. I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t make these particular dates, but it isĀ important to me that I make consistent progress. I’m going to update my progress regularly on my blog and share everything that I learn along the way.

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