Life on Hold, Karen McQuestion


Rae is just your average teenage girl, except that she lives a nearly nomadic life. Her mother, Gina, doesn’t like settling down and drags Rae from town to town every time life starts to get tough. It’s just the two of them against the world. While Rae goes along with her mother and never complains, she secretly longs for a place to call home. When Rae meets Allison, a new girl at school, and is assigned to show her around, her life starts to get a little more interesting. Allison’s parents had died in a house fire from which Allison had only barely escaped. Gina takes a particular liking to Allison, inviting her over, taking her shopping, and nearly replacing her own daughter. In the midst of the drama with her friends, Rae finds Nick and romance begins to blossom. Rae has finally found a place that she wants to call home, but will it become a reality?

Life on Hold is a cute, quick read for YA. At the beginning, the vibe takes a while to get established, but after it settles in, the text reads very smooth. Unfortunate writing such as “I gave her a WTF look” screams fan-faction, but aside from that, it is well-written. The main character is a modern day teenager, after all. The best thing is that all of the characters reminded me of someone I knew from my own life.

However, Rae is a passive character, which does not always make for the most engaging read. As the book goes on Rae starts to stand up for herself and what she wants in her life. I kept waiting (wishing, really) that Allison was a female psychopath who had killed her parents and wanted to steal Rae’s life. Alas, not to be. Plenty of tension, though it did not have as much suspense as I had hoped. Overall a fun, easy read you’re sure to relate to, but if you’re looking for serious drama, look elsewhere. 

Happy reading!
Plot 2.5 stars

Characters 3.5 stars

Believability 4 stars

Suspense 2 stars

Romance 2 stars

Minor Characters 3.5 stars

Well-Written 3 stars

Ease of Read 4 stars

Overall 3 stars

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