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Writing Journey, Page 2

Settling into Life

I’ve been a bad writer. More accurately, I haven’t been much of a writer at all. Here I have these enormous goals …



I’m somewhat of a hippie. I like mediation and yoga. I like essential oils and feeling balanced. Perhaps this is why I …

Just write! Part 3

Just write! Part 3

  Writer Disorder #3: You’re afraid of criticism. I hear that. I don’t want to listen to anything about myself unless it’s …


Just Write: Part 2

  Writer Disorder #2 (Commonly Contracted with Disorder #1): You don’t set aside time to write. I have a full time job …

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Just Write! Part 1

Just Write. I hope this series of posts will be the writer’s equivalent of the viral Shia LaBeouf video. A kick in …

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