Airport People Watching


Airports are one of the greatest places to people watch.
In the baggage drop line, a young man stood in front of us. He was tall with chocolaty skin and a haircut remiscent of the 80s. At first, I thought his unique black backpack was European, but soon realized it was a high end athletic bag and I couldn’t help but imagine that he was a basketball player. A young woman stood close to him, typing frantically on her phone with her thumbs. Even though they weren’t talking, a glance at the diamond on her left hand told me that she was with him.

At the security gate, three dainty Korean women chattered as they waited in line. Their crisp clothes were in hues of white, baby blue, and beige, and accesories of bright gold and leather. Each one had a slightly different angled bob and bangs, manicured nails and clean eyeliner. Observers might have expected them to be insensitive and impatient, but they were much the opposite. They were cool and relaxed, smiling as they chatted.

We passed a man in a turban, more than a few businessmen in suits, and a woman whose bare arms were covered in ink. I heard many different languages in passing, recognizing the sound of a few, and having no idea about others.

And these were just a few of the people I noticed.

Everyone around me has a story, why they’re traveling, where they’re going, who they are leaving behind, who they will see when they get there. Do they fly often? Is this their first time on an airplane?

It’s time to board. I’m headed to a new country, and I wonder who I’ll meet there…

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