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Hello there!

My name is Elizabeth Hedrick, or E.G., adventurer extraordinaire! Okay, maybe not, but I like to pretend. I am high school music teacher in Ohio and an aspiring novelist. Being a teacher gives me time to immerse myself in new worlds in the summers (both by traveling and through extensive reading). I believe that life is meant to be lived with one’s whole soul–no day is too small to do great things.

I have been writing short stories since fifth grade. I always loved writing, but I was never serious about it until college. At about 20, I started putting my first YA novel together. It’s taken me 10 years (don’t laugh… I know people for whom finishing a book has taken much longer) to really get my novel to the place where I feel it is ready for the public’s eye.

Just this last year I began looking the internet over for tips to help me polish my final product. In doing so, I have made leaps and bounds in my progress–and almost completely tore my novel apart in the process. An artist’s work is to share, so I began this blog to share the final steps of my journey and anything else that I learn along the way.

Fun tid-bits:

I go by E.G. in writing circles because I think using my initials makes me sound more mysterious. (And androgenous, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

My favorite toy from childhood is Legos.

I have an unhealthy obsession with NUTELLA!

My favorite subject to teach is AP Music Theory. I’m a total nerd.


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